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Horizon School Division
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AP 301 - Foreign Students


Where foreign students may be admitted to the Division’s schools a tuition shall be levied.  A maximum of three foreign students will be admitted to one school.  


1.  The host company/individual shall make application for school attendance for a foreign student by submitting AF-301 Foreign Student Exchange Application Form.pdf to the Chief Financial Officer by the 30th day of April prior to the school year of desired admission.

2.  Completion of the above form includes an agreement for payment of tuition as per The Education Regulations, 1986. A criminal record check of the hosting family must also accompany the application.

3.  An AF-301 Foreign Student Access Report Form.pdf will be completed by the CFO in consultation with the Area Superintendent and the Superintendent of Learning (EAL) and submitted to the Director.

4.  The Director shall determine the acceptance of the student by June 30th prior to the school year of desired admission and the Chief Financial Officer shall inform the company/individual in writing.

5.  The Director will inform the Board of the approved foreign students at the beginning of each semester.

6.  If a situation arises whereby a student placement is referred after the April 30th deadline, an access report from the area Superintendent will be submitted. Conditions of acceptance will be as outlined but a prorated basis for tuition may be considered.

Reference:  Section 20, Education Regulation

March 30, 2011