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AP 300 - Student Registration

Admission to the Division’s schools is determined by legislation and this procedure.


1.  Enrolment in Kindergarten is not compulsory, but if parents choose to enroll their child, the child shall be five (5) years of age on or before December 31 of the year of admission. Principals shall have the right to request a proof of birth from the parents/guardians of any student upon registration.

2.  To be eligible for enrolment into Grade 1, a child shall be at least six (6) years of age on or before December 31 of the year of admission. Principals shall have the right to request a proof of birth from any student upon registration. Students must be enrolled in school at the commencement of the fall term in the calendar year during which they
attain the age of 7 years.

3.  Foreign or out of province students who possess a secondary standing shall have their transcript authorized by the principal, the Director (or designate) and Saskatchewan Education. The principal shall be responsible for placement of the student subject to determination of subject status and tuition agreements.

4. Principals have the right to refuse admission to students whom have been suspended by another school in the jurisdiction. A suspended student from another school jurisdiction may only be enrolled upon the approval of the Director (or designate).

5.  In cases of children with intensive needs, the Director (or designate) may consider early entrance.
5.1.  Students with intensive needs will be considered for support provided the following criteria are met:
    • An assessment by a professional agency recognized by the Superintendent of Learning must indicate that the child would benefit from early support and intervention by the educational system;
    • The child fulfills the Ministry’s definition of a child with intensive needs and qualifies for high cost funding recognition;
    • The school or community agency can offer a suitable program; and
    • The child is at least three years of age at the time of enrolment.
5.2.  Following the Ministry’s guidelines for early entrance, Division personnel shall determine:
    • The most appropriate educational setting for the student;
    • The type of educational programming required for the student;
    • The number of hours per day and number of days per week that the student will attend school;
    • The starting date of the educational program; and
    • The transition that is required for the student prior to school-age attendance.
5.3. In the case of early support, the child’s progress shall be monitored closely to determine what level of support is required for the student.
    • The child’s individualized educational program will be designed by and monitored by the designated teacher for special education services, an educational psychologist, and the Superintendent of Student Services (or designate);
    • The special education teacher (or designate) will supervise support staff and they will deliver the educational program; and
    • Costs of providing support staff, fees for agreed upon ancillary services areas and transportation services will be addressed by Ministry guidelines and the Division procedures.
6. In special cases, parents may make application to the area Superintendent for special permission for a specific placement. This application shall contain any information that is deemed to be relevant to assist in the assessment and potential placement.

7. Adult students may attend school upon making application to the area Superintendent and receiving the permission in writing. In such cases, the Director shall be informed of the action.

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March 30, 2011