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Horizon School Division
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AP 290 - Participation in Education Research


The Division recognizes the role of valid research and other projects in the development of educational theories and practices, and acknowledges the need of researchers to work within schools.


1.  All applications to undertake research projects or surveys within the school division shall be submitted to the Director of Education or designate prior to any research being undertaken.  All requests to undertake research must be submitted on the AF 290 - Participation in Educational Research Form.pdf at least two months in advance of the proposed start date. Timelines shorter than two months may be considered if extenuating circumstances exist.

2.  Before external research and other projects are considered for approval, they must be sponsored and supervised by a recognized post-secondary educational institution, or a recognized research institute.

3.  Research projects undertaken by or for the Division shall be conducted and/or coordinated by the Director of Education or designate.

4.  The following criteria will be used in reviewing research requests:

4.1    All research applications must adhere to the policies of the tri-council policy statement regarding research involving humans;
4.2    The study shall have recognizable value to the school division and/or to education in general;
4.3    The content of any proposed study must not be considered objectionable, contentious, or related to topics that have a personal, rather than academic, purpose;
4.4    The involvement of students or teachers shall not require an unreasonable amount of time or be disruptive to the learning environment;
4.5    The number and nature of any other research studies planned or underway in the school division, at the time of the request;

4.6    There are appropriate procedures for obtaining informed consent from participants and, where appropriate, their parent(s )or guardian(s).

5.  Externally initiated research projects may be terminated at any time if, in the judgment of the Director of Education or designate, the guidelines established for the study have been violated.

6.  Upon completion of the study, the researcher shall submit to the office of the Director of Education, a complete report as well as an abstract describing the project and the findings.

Horizon School Division gratefully acknowledges Saskatoon Public School Division for their generous permission to adapt their procedure for granting permission for conducting research.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, 175, Education Act

March 30, 2012