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Horizon School Division
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AP 235 - Driver Education


Horizon School Division, in keeping with the policy of the Ministry of Education and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), and to meet the demand from Horizon school communities, will offer a formal driver education program for eligible Horizon School Division and Home-Based Education students.


1.  The Division will organize a driver education course of study that is approved by the Ministry of Education and SGI.

2.  The principal, in conjunction with the Driver Education Instructor, will make arrangements for the scheduling of the driver education program at the school level.

3.  The principal will be the immediate supervisor of the driver education program and driver education instructor while the instructor is working at the school.

4.  A student is eligible to participate in the driver education program if they will be fifteen (15) years of age by June 30 of the current school year.

5.  As aligned with SGI regulations, students cannot begin the in-car driving component of the high school driver education program until they are at least fifteen (15) years of age and have obtained their Class 7 learners permit (High school driver education program).

6.  In order to satisfy the testing requirements needed for a learners' license, testing will be conducted by the driver instructor.

7.  Where student numbers are limited, students may take the in-class component of the driver education program at another school that has the driver education program.

8.  Upon request, The Deputy Director of Education (or designate) will inform the parents of Home-Based Education Students of the driver education program options with Horizon School Division for their child to access.

9.  Parents and Students who have a concern are to follow the AP-152 Concerns and Issues Procedure.

Reference:  Saskatchewan Education Act 1995, sections 85, 87, 109, 175. 189,
Saskatchewan Education Regulations, section 54

February 24, 2012
Revised September 15, 2017