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Horizon School Division
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AP 159 - Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Products

Horizon School Division strives to provide safe, caring, and healthy environments for all students, employees, community partners, visitors, and guests. Recognizing that the use of tobacco and/or the use of electronic smoking products is a significant health risk, Horizon School Division prohibits such use on all properties owned or operated by Horizon School Division.


Electronic smoking products consist of a battery-powered delivery system that produces a vapour that resembles smoke and/or a vapour that delivers a liquid chemical mixture that may be composed of various amounts of nicotine, propylene glycol, and/or other chemicals, this liquid is vapourized and inhaled. Electronic smoking products include but are not limited to electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapourizer cigarettes, cigars, pipes, personal vapourizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems.


1.  All buildings, property, and vehicles owned by Horizon School Division shall be free from the use of tobacco, tobacco products, and electronic smoking products.

2.  Electronic smoking products as well as cartridges of nicotine solutions and related products are prohibited in schools and on all Horizon School Division properties.  

3.  All buses and other kinds of vehicles, either contracted or privately owned, will be free from the use of tobacco, tobacco related products, and electronic smoking products while traveling to or from school related or division related activities.

4.  Horizon School Division may allow the use of tobacco or tobacco products on school division property pursuant to Section 11(3) of the Provincial Control Act, which permits the use of tobacco in an enclosed public space for Indigenous spiritual and cultural practices or ceremonies. 

4.1.  Approval for use in schools shall be granted by the principal in consultation with the Director or designate.

4.2.  Approval for use in other Horizon School Division owned facilities shall be granted by the Director or designate.

Reference: Sections 85, 87, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 175 Education Act
 Section 11 Provincial Control Act
Date April 16, 2013 
Revised October 13, 2017
Revised May 1, 2019