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Horizon School Division
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AP 154 - Video/Surveillance Camera

Horizon School Division believes in maintaining safe and caring environments in all schools and division buildings.  Technology is used to safe guard persons and property in all schools and division buildings.
Responsibility of the School
1.  Publish a list of camera locations (shall be posted in the office).
2.  Post signs indicating that a video surveillance system is in operation (near each camera location and entering the building).
3.  “This area is monitored by video cameras for security purposes” (example of wording).
4.  Ensure the monitoring equipment is in a secure area and is working properly.
5.  Monitor access to the recorded images.
6.  Respond in a timely manner to any requests for access to the recorded images.
7.  Ensure all staff are aware and understand the implications if any misuse of the recorded images are discovered.
Background Information
1.  Given the limitation of what the camera can monitor at any single point in time, individuals should not rely on this system for absolute safety.
2.  Recorded images are classified as confidential and viewing all video surveillance must be performed by Horizon School Division Staff or the RCMP only, this is not intended for student or public use and should only be used for:

  • Security or law enforcement purposes
  • Legal proceedings
  • Evidence to support any inquires for criminal or anti-social activities (including vandalism or loss of property)
  • Unless authorized by the RCMP, consent from any individuals who have been recorded must be received before the view is released

3.  Request to access the recorded images must be submitted in writing to the Principal of the school.   
4.  The principal, in consultation with the Director (or designate), will review the request and determine whether the applicant demonstrates the legal or legitimate right to access the information.
5.  Misuse of the video surveillance system may result in disciplinary action.
June 2, 2017