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Horizon School Division
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AP 153 - Visitors to Schools

This procedure is intended to ensure the safety of the students and staff of the schools of the Division. It is also intended to ensure the primacy of student learning and to therefore minimize distractions from learning activities.


1.  All visitors shall report to the main office of the school upon entry to the premises.

2.  Whenever possible, visitors to schools should not interrupt the learning activities of students.

3.  The principal has the authority to determine the availability of students to visitors. They also have the ability to limit the jurisdiction of visitors and to further request that visitors leave the premises, unless the visitor has a legal capacity to be active on the premises.

4.  In the event that a visitor refuses to comply with the direction of the principal, the visitor becomes a trespasser and the police shall be immediately contacted.

5.  Every effort shall be made to safeguard students from any risk behaviour displayed by such a visitor. However, school personnel must also be careful not to place themselves at risk.

Reference: Section 175, Education Act
The Trespass to Property Act

April 1, 2011