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AP 146 - Access LINC Professional Development Fund for the Purchase of Laptops

Teachers who are in the employ of Horizon School Division #205, and who hold continuing contracts, are eligible to access their Personal Professional Development Fund to offset expenses incurred for the purchase of a laptop. Terms and conditions are as follows:

1.  Access to Professional Development Funds for the purchase of a laptop is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the LINC Agreement between the Horizon Division and the Horizon Teachers’ Association.

2.  The teacher is responsible for insuring the laptop against possible loss or damages. The use of the laptop must be in compliance with the terms of the Acceptable User Agreement that has been reviewed and previously signed by the teacher.

3.  All materials and data developed during the course of fulfilling the duties, as outlined in the Education Act, 1995, to which the teacher is assigned, and which are stored on the laptop, are Division records and can be accessed at the discretion of the Division at any time.

4.  The choice of laptop is limited to those that have been approved by the Horizon Technology Committee and included on the Approved Hardware List.  

5.  Horizon School Division holds any and all licensing the laptop and its software require.

6.  A teacher may only be in possession of one laptop purchased from PD funds or provided through Division initiatives, at any one time.  An existing laptop must be returned to the Division prior to a subsequent order being processed.


1.  The AF-146 Application for Laptop from PD Funds.pdf  application form must be completed and signed by the teacher and the school principal before the application is forwarded to the Superintendent of Human Resources for processing.

2.  The total funds required for the purchase of a laptop must be in place before an application will be processed.

2.1     In the event that there is insufficient money in the teacher’s PD fund to cover the costs of the laptop, a cheque or a money order must be issued to the Division, to make up the shortfall, prior to the placement of an order.

2.2     Even in a situation where the teacher incurs out of pocket expenses to cover the cost of the laptop, the laptop remains the property of Horizon School Division #205.

3.  The completed application form must be forwarded to the Superintendent of Human Resources on or before the 15th day of the month in the school year calendar.  Applications received after the 15th of the month will be processed the following month.

Reference:      LINC Agreement

Date January 16, 2013