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AP 113 - Community Schools

The Ministry promotes Saskatchewan’s Community Schools as “centers of learning and hope for their families and communities … Community Schools are responsive, inclusive, culturally affirming and academically challenging. The learning program and environment effectively build on strengths to address the needs of the communities they serve. As hubs for the delivery of an array of services and supports, they use collaborative approaches to achieve learning excellence and well-being for the entire community” (Ministry’s Vision).


1.  Community Schools Designation Process
1.1  The Community Schools Program designation process is based upon school division demographic information from Census Canada. The four demographic factors are:
    • The unemployment rate;
    • The low-income rate;
    • The single parent rate; and
    • The proportion of the population that is First Nations or Metis.
1.2  From these four factors, a school division’s risk factor is determined. The risk factor is then weighed against the number of students enrolled in a school to gauge the school’s need for Community School designation. Other factors, such as Social Assistance program rates, are sometimes also considered.

1.3  As resources are allocated, the Division then allocates the enhanced funding to the Community Schools Program(s) at the designated sites.
2.  School Community Council
2.1  Each community school will have a School Community Council as described in Procedures AP-110 School Community Councils and AP-111 Operation of School Community Councils
2.2  An exception to Procedures AP 110 and AP 111, is that in the case of such councils for community schools, they will report to their respective First Nation, in most cases to the Chief and Council.
3.  Program Funding and Budgeting
3.1  Funding for both the Community School and the Pre-Kindergarten programs comes from the Provincial Government. This funding is conditional and based on the schools receiving the designation as Community Schools.
3.2  The level of funding is designated annually and received annually by the school division through the foundations operating grant. The program amounts could vary from year to year.
3.3  Funding levels will be communicated by the Chief Financial Officer to the School Community Council at the time that the annual budget is prepared.
3.4  Each year after receiving their allocation, the School Community Council will prepare a budget outlining the spending levels in a number of categories specifically relating to community school and pre-kindergarten programs being offered.
3.5  Once the School Community Council has approved the budget, it will be forwarded to the Superintendent of Finance, the principal(s) and the area Superintendent.
3.6  An appropriate reporting mechanism will be established and the Council will be kept abreast of revenue and expenditure during the fiscal year.
4.  Community School Program Evaluation
4.1  As in all schools, the School Community Council will annually review and evaluate its Learning Improvement Plan (LIP).
4.2  In addition to #1 above, the Ministry requires a variety of reports from community schools. Principals of community schools will keep up-to-date on such requirements.

Reference:      Section x, x, Education Act

March 23, 2011