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Horizon School Division
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AP 111 - Operation of School Community Councils

The School Community Council (SCC) shall operate under the terms of The Education Act, 1995 and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges as outlined in The Act. Furthermore, the SCC shall be entitled to conditions as outlined in this procedure.


1.  Roles and Responsibilities:
1.1.  The SCC shall engage in the development of a shared responsibility framework for the learning success and wellbeing of all children and youth  by  encouraging  and facilitating parent and community engagement.
2.  The SCC shall:
2.1.  Understand the school and its community's economic, social and health conditions and needs and their aspirations for child and youth learning and wellbeing by becoming knowledgeable about resources and supports for the school, parents and community;
2.2.  Jointly and in cooperation with the principal and staff of the school, develop and recommend to the Director for approval, a Learning Improvement  Plan that is aligned with the Division strategic plan;
2.3.  Take action to fulfill initiatives assigned within the Learning Improvement Plan;
2.4.  Communicate annually to the parents, guardians and community on its plans, initiatives and outcomes;
2.5.  Account publicly for the expenditure of funds related to the operation of the SCC; and,
2.6.  Participate in opportunities to develop the capacity of the SCC to fulfill its responsibilities.
3.  The SCC may provide advice and recommendations to:
3.1.  The Board to represent parents, guardians, students and community on policies, programs and educational service delivery decisions, including fundraising, school fees, pupil code of conduct, grade discontinuance, school closure, religious instruction, and language of instruction but not including educational service delivery by a specific teacher;
3.2.  The school, respecting school programs and operations; and
3.3.  Other organizations, agencies and governments on the learning needs and wellbeing of children and youth.
4.  Operations
4.1.  The SCC will abide by their developed Code of Conduct, which has to be approved by the board, as per legislation;
4.2.  The SCC will hold a minimum of five meetings annually in addition to the Annual General Meeting;
4.3.  SCC meetings are not the forum to discuss, consider or provide advice about complaints or about personal, confidential information about students, parents, teachers or other staff of the school;
4.4.  The Board has reserved the right to designate a Board member who shall serve as a liaison and attend meetings. Upon request and availability, the Director may attend SCC meetings.
5.  Council Development
5.1.  The Board of Education may provide for such meetings, seminars, workshops or conventions of members of SCC as may be considered advisable for the purpose of educational planning and development.
6.  Funding
6.1.  Each SCC may receive a School Community Council Grant in an amount determined annually by the Board of Education. The SCC, subject to Administrative Procedure with regard to expenditure of any funds allocated to the SCC shall expend this grant allocation in order to fulfill the SCC's Roles and Responsibilities;
6.2.  Members of a SCC may be reimbursed for expenses pursuant to policy but will not receive compensation. This reimbursement shall be paid from the School Community Council Grant;
6.3.  SCC motions authorizing expenditure shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO or designate as outlined in AP 112 - School Community Council Accounts.
6.4.  At the Annual meeting of the SCC, the AF-112 Authorization For Expenditure Form.pdf shall be submitted indicating any membership travel for the past year.

Reference:  Sections 140.1, 140.2, 140.3, 140.4, 140.5, Education Act

March 23, 2011
Revised January 15, 2020
Revised March 2, 2020