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AP 110 - School Community Councils

Parents and members of the community have a vital stake in the education of the community’s children and youth.  As outlined in The Saskatchewan Education Act 1995, section 140.1(1) Subject to subsections (2) to (4), every board of education shall establish a school community council for each school in its division.


Composition of the School Community Council

1.  School Community Councils are comprised of the following members: Representative Members, Permanent Members and Appointed Members.
1.1.  Representative Members - (Elected) - Voting Members
    • Five to nine parent and community members elected at the Annual General Meeting , the majority of which shall be parents;
    • Representatives from First Nation(s) which have students who live on-reserve and are enrolled in the school;
    • Any other members approved by the Director of Education upon submission of nomination from the SCC.
1.2.  Permanent Members - Non-voting Members
    • The School Principal
    • A Teacher
1.3.  Appointed Members 
    • One to two students in grade 10, 11, or 12, if the school offers those grades.
2.  Elections
2.1.  Elections will take place during the Annual General Meeting of the School Community Council, held in January or February.
2.2.  Public notice will be given of the date of an annual general meeting of the School Community Council.
2.2.  The School Community Council will appoint an employee (not the principal) to conduct the elections of representative members at the annual meeting. Elections will be by secret ballot.
2.3.  The term of office for elected members will be two years with no restrictions on the number of consecutive terms to be served. Each appointed member of a School Community Council holds office for one year and is eligible for reappointment. 
2.4.  Vacancies that occur shall be filled by the principal in consultation with the  Director of Education. Individuals are nominated by the School Community Council.
3.  Voting

On matters requiring a formal vote, Representative members and Appointed members of the SCC may vote.

4.  Election of Officers        

The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer shall be nominated and elected from either the representative or the appointed members of the School Community Council. Permanent members are not eligible to hold an officer position. 

Reference: Sections 140.1, 140.2, 140.3, 140.4, 140.5, Education Act

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