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Non-Faculty Coach Application
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    Declaration For Non-Faculty Coach

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    A non-faculty coach may be an individual as outlined in the Bylaws of the Assocication. (See Coaches and Supervisors) Please refer to the Bylaws to determine if an individual is eligible to coach or supervise interschool athletics (if this is a first-time coach, the coach is required to complete the Fundamentals of Coaching program). A copy of this declaration must be on file in the SHSAA office before the individual assumes any supervisory duties. The SHSAA office will return an acknowledged copy of this declaration to the school.
    Check here if this is a renewal application
    Coaches Declaration: I agree to be responsible for the coaching duties as outlined by the school and to make myself aware of the rules and regulations of high school sport as outlined by the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association in their Constitution, Bylaws, Codes of Ethics and other policies. Failure to abide by school and SHSAA policies could result in disciplinary action by the SHSAA and/or school.