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2022 Inductees

​Becki Bitternose
Wall of Fame Becki Bitternose.jpg
Becki Bitternose is a proud Nehiyaw (Cree) woman from George Gordon First Nation, daughter of Arlene and the late Chief John McNab and mother to four beautiful children. Becki attended both elementary and high school in Punnichy, graduating in 2000.

As a child, Becki would sit on the basement stairs watching her Kokums (Grandmothers), Joan and Lillian, hand-stitch beautiful homemade quilts. Watching her Kokums was her inspiration, and she soon discovered her own natural talent for sewing.

In 2013, Becki took her newborn baby’s Pendleton blanket and created her first piece — a Pendleton jacket for her baby. She continued shaping the iconic woolen blankets into winter wear for her children.

These loving projects were the beginning of her fashion career, her admiration of the Pendleton styles and patterns at local pow wows guiding her toward her creations.
Becki is self-taught, having received no formal training in design or sewing. She creates her own patterns, drawing each piece freehand and fashioning unique pieces from the Pendleton Mills Wool Blanket line and Pendleton print fleece blankets.

Initially, the jackets were purchased solely by First Nation clientele. They soon became a sought-after fashion piece by people of all nationalities across Canada and have been gifted to politicians and distinguished individuals. One of her proudest accomplishments was creating Becki Bitternose Pendleton Jackets for the Kawacatoose Headstart (Pre-School) Graduation.

In 2016, Becki was selected to attend New York’s Couture Fashion Week. She has since been invited to feature her work at the File Hills Qu’Appelle Women’s Council Youth Fashion Show, National Aboriginal Fashion Week, Power of Pink Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Foundation, International Indigenous Fashion Week (Fall and Spring Shows), and Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

Later in 2016, Becki launched her ‘PlayBuffalo’ fashion line — an homage to her roots. The brand references the traditional name of Becki’s family and great grandfather, Basil Play Buffalo.

Becki continues to use her sewing as a form of therapy to help her cope with anxiety and fight the stigma of mental illness. She is proud of each creation as it shares a piece of her healing in a unique way.
Craig Reynolds
Wall of Fame Craig Reynolds.jpg

Craig Reynolds has been at the helm of one of Canada's most successful sports franchises, the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club, since 2015. Craig's childhood memories of growing up in Foam Lake are highlighted by family trips to cheer on the Riders, and he remembers Dave Ridgeway's kick in the 1989 Grey Cup like it was yesterday. With his small-town upbringing and love of football, he knows the true meaning of bleeding green.

After graduating from Foam Lake Composite School, Craig attended Arizona State University then the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction, and a Master of Professional Accounting.

Craig's extensive business background has allowed him to steer the Saskatchewan Roughriders to financial success with record profits as their president and chief executive officer. Under his guidance, the organization's stabilization fund has grown from $1 million to more than $12 million in five years.

Craig is proud to have played a part in one of the key moments in Saskatchewan Roughriders history, the 2013 Grey Cup. Not only was it an outstanding weekend of football festivities, but the Riders won on home turf. He is also extremely proud of his role in bringing to life the prairie legacy that is Mosaic Stadium.

Craig is the first to give credit for the club's success where it is due - Rider Nation is the heart and soul of the club with its fans dressed in watermelon helmets, loyal season ticket holders, and sellout crowds.


In addition to his passion for football and the Riders, Craig is active in the community and has the pleasure of serving on the board of directors for the Red Cross and Globe Theatre. He also represents the Saskatchewan Rough riders on the Canadian Football League's Board of Governors as an alternate governor. He has been named as one of the province's brightest young leaders as a member of CBC's Future 40. Craig has two children: a son, Noel, and a daughter, Neeve.