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Horizon School Division
A Community of Learning and Achieving
Strategic Plan

Horizon School Division's Strategic Plan aligns with the Saskatchewan Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) and acts as a guide for the work of our Division, including the development of our school's Learning Improvement Plans (*LIPs).

For the 2016-2017 school year, Horizon began a new process for developing our strategic plan, utilizing the *A3 planning process to focus on actions and objectives to achieve our three foundational goals of Literacy, Safe & Caring and Assessment. These A3 documents can be found below. Throughout the year, these documents will be updated and modified to reflect the progress of our work and any new opportunities or challenges that arise. 

Horizon School Division Strategic Planning A3s:


Safe & Caring


*"LIPs" are developed annually by administrators, school staff and school community councils in each school, and reviewed several times each year by Horizon's senior leadership, including the Director of Education. The purpose of our LIPs is to guide the work of each school in supporting achievement and success for students.

*"A3" is a term used for the specific planning tool used at the provincial level, deriving its name from the size of paper required to print the plans.